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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Article by Christo Norden-Powers

Presence, mindfulness and meditation are gathering a lot of interest in business circles.

However, they are still often perceived primarily as means to deal with stress.

Their real value is much deeper from a business perspective, because the space of Presence is the source from which thoughts arise and become words and actions.

All achievements, and all problems and challenges, in business are the result of thoughts, words and actions.

Even if the challenge is presented by something external to the organisation, what we think, say and do about the challenge or problem will determine our outcome.

Here are a few of the benefits for organisations and their people, and all add up to better performance with less effort :

• Able to hear meaning clearly and sense the gaps and manipulations of language, i.e. without thoughts interrupting

• Able to switch mindset without the resistance of cognitive biases

• Non-judgemental awareness, free or reactive responses and prejudices

• Fearlessness, equanimity and confidence in the midst of challenges, uncertainty & disruption

• Clear perception – seeing things as they are without habitual biases

• Clarity of purpose, meaning, inspiration

• Higher level of awareness for clarity in decisions and cognitive processing

• Observing the flow of thoughts instead of getting caught in the thoughts

• Seeing the whole - the connections between things that are usually invisible, including risks, opportunities and solutions; intuitive insights

• Ability to still the mind and drop into a broader consciousness to identify new, previously unseen solutions and opportunities

• An understanding of Self that is not dependent on labels or external factors; free of ego

• Resilience – not getting caught up in the things that go ‘wrong’; finding a way to take advantage of what else is emerging

• Connection with a deeper part (Self) of others, deep rapport

• Able to tap more readily and more frequently into a state of flow.

• A deeper peace within yourself; less anger, frustration, reaction to triggers

• An ease and clarity of your energy and direction.

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