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POWERFUL QUESTIONS - every highly effective business leader needs to know

Take a look at the introduction module of the Powerful Question on-line course

Learn the questions that will:

•Greatly increase your own effectiveness and influence as a leader

•Generate faster, more successful outcomes

•Significantly reduces the risk of financial losses

•Develop stronger, workable strategies and build a common platform of understanding from which to better communicate and negotiate

•Build a strong effective board, executive and management culture that elicits the best from the various talents of the company’s leaders

What the course includes:

•13 core high risk language patterns and the Powerful Question that deal with those patterns

•Practical examples and techniques of the different language patterns and Powerful Questions

•Over 5 1/2 hours of learning demonstrations and examples

•Over 30 modules

•Self-paced learning, in your own time, on any device

•Email support

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