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Flow, Consciousness and the Effortless Way of Coaching

Coaching Executives, Teams and Business for Outstanding Results

in a Dynamically Changing World.

Treat yourself to a Deep Dive experience into one of the most powerful and effective, yet effortless, ways of coaching in the world today.

A way that can elevate you to the upper echelons of coaching practice in a post-Covid environment where clients increasingly expect tangible results quicker, and with a high ROI.

That is difficult to do with conventional ways of coaching. To step up a couple of levels of skill, more hard work is not required. Instead, a different process is required. A way that seamlessly, effortlessly taps into the power of deeper awareness and intuitive intelligence from where Flow arises. 

Join us for this FREE MasterClass where you’ll discover how to generate and use higher states of awareness as coach, and for your client, to get outstanding results in a fraction of the time it usually takes with most coaching processes - and with less effort.

This way of coaching utilises a unique blend of Eastern and Western methodologies to forge a powerful process for coaching individuals, groups and teams that is unrivalled for speed, ease, effectiveness and results.


Presented by Christo Norden-powers
Director of transformation and organisational change

Christo Norden-Powers began his professional life as a criminal defence lawyer where he learned the art of asking highly effective questions that get results.

Early in his legal career he experienced a profound shift of consciousness and noticed that he was then able to work more intuitively, more effectively, often experiencing Peak/Flow states during trials.

He found that certain ancient, natural meditation techniques activated and enhanced Peak/Flow states. That led to him coaching Olympic athletes and professional footballers using meditation techniques to generate Peak states of performance.

After quitting law, Christo developed and delivered cultural change programs for organisations in Australia, UK and Asia. He developed questioning techniques to coach individuals and teams that rapidly and seamlessly shift resistance and mindset, expand consciousness to solve problems, and create new ways of working and doing business. 

He now trains leaders and coaches in these skills online.

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