The Practice of Stillness is a group of meditative practices, developed by the great sages throughout history, that use the natural processes and activities of life to enable us to merge into Stillness any time, anywhere, whatever we are doing.

Stillness is the essence of our Being, the fabric of our consciousness.


Stillness is the source of every breath, every thought, every action and every experience

  • is always present within us and around us - even in the chaos of modern life

  • can be found in every moment

  • dwells within each of us as Self.

We experience Stillness as the deep, profound peace, contentment, wisdom and love that envelops us when we let go of the limited sense of self with which we associate, and regain deep connection with our inner being and the world around us.

Our ordinary, everyday activities provide portals to the immense power of Stillness.

Using simple, natural processes, we can bring the transforming power of Stillness into every aspect of our lives.

Christo Norden-Powers has taught Stillness meditation techniques in Australia and overseas for 40 years to many thousands of people, including to executives and boards of major organisations, and to Olympic athletes. His primary mission is to enable people around the world to bring Stillness into everyday life.

He says: ' The path I've followed is best described as the path of Consciousness. Every spiritual tradition is founded on the process of raising individual consciousness to embrace a higher Consciousness.

The small 's' self merges with the big 'S' Self. The many different paths all lead to that. The different philosophies and approaches to attaining higher Consciousness each have certain meditative practices that will take us back to the Self. The practices are the practical way to experience Consciousness in every part of life.'


I found the techniques and exercises surprisingly accessible and quick to gain results compared with other meditation techniques I have tried in the past. I like how they work with the body's natural rhythm, and was surprised how easy it was for me to breathe fully, as I have often found that challenging. The mind techniques surprised me as I have never used my mind to quieten my mind before. I also found them surprisingly effective.

It was wonderful hearing how you applied the techniques in your work, as otherwise I would have found it hard to understand how they could be applied in my work. I also liked hearing of the philosophy behind your work and learnings.

I appreciated your humility and self-reflectivity which you shared in your stories, and also in how you reflected on the workshop at the end. And of course I loved the feeling of abundance, generosity and creativity that you created throughout the day. I know I will gain a lot by practicing these techniques and also sense that I have a lot more to learn from you. I feel deeply nourished by the workshop, and it has given me great courage to move into the work I feel called to do, as well as practical techniques to use straight away.

6 week Stillness meditation course

Each week:

  • learn a new meditation technique

  • share your experiences and learn from each other

  • build on the previous meditation techniques 

  • learn how to apply to everyday life

  • 2 hours each week live on zoom

  • Sessions will be recorded and uploaded to learning hub to review and practice the technique

$198 AUD (includes GST)

Next course: 

Sunday 1st, 8, 15, 22, 29 November & 6th Dec

6.30pm - 8.30pm Melbourne, Australia time

Check the time if outside Australia

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