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Systemic wholeness

Celia Bray

Omni One international

I had been feeling trapped and distressed in my work. Edwina set up a work constellation that helped me see where the block was and what needed to happen for things to shift. I was skeptical about the shift that happened in the constellation being able to happen in real life, as I felt powerless and things felt stuck. Yet, just as I was at breaking point in my job and ready to leave, things shifted exactly as I had seen them 4 months prior in the constellation Edwina had facilitated. I am now feeling strong, happy and delighted with my work. It has morphed into my dream job. I can't thank Edwina enough for helping me navigate what felt like an impossible situation.

As Albert Einstein said:
“No problem can be solved by the same state of consciousness that created it”.

With our systemic approach we look at the hidden dynamics in any given system. 

  • Personal in relationship to your business

  • Dynamics within the business

  • Gain insights

  • Help with a decision



Coming from a background in clinical psychology it became clear that most issues clients bring are NOT rooted in individualistic constructs or paradigms. Family constellations was the missing link I was looking for, it is a systemic approach to resolving a client’s issues by focusing on situating their dis-ease, or, disconnections in the family or social system, and embedding healing in one’s nervous system.


Edwina is a skilled compassionate facilitator who understands and works systemically with whatever issue(s) a client brings. Working with her has been deeply revelatory and healing in my own core family wounding in ways inaccessible through traditional therapeutic modalities.


Caroline (BBSc(Hons), MPsych, MA)

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