Solution Coaching

Our solutions and opportunities coaching service is unique and simple.

If you have
• an unresolved problem that is within your remit and that is adversely impacting your business or
• area of direct responsibility,
• an undeveloped opportunity
• an obstacle to an opportunity
• the solutions or way forward have eluded you so far, or
• the problems and obstacles seem insurmountable
then Solution Coaching just might be the answer

We can usually help you solve most business problems and issues in under an hour.
If not solved, then you’ll either
• progress substantially towards the solution or
• know where you are likely to find the solution or
• understand what other information you need to solve the problem and where to get that information.

In a small percentage of cases more than one hour may be required.

If we don’t meet at least one of those criteria, there is no fee.’

We have helped clients turn thousands of business problems into solutions and opportunities - problems that the clients considered to be tough, entrenched, even insurmountable and that were usually costing their company in the millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars and in some cases hundreds of millions of dollars.

What is the problem costing you or your company? If it remains unresolved, how much more will it cost?

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Or you can procrastinate and continue to lose money and opportunity.

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