• David Galbaly AM QC partner at Madgwicks lawyers speaking about directors duties to ask Powerful Questions

    Directors have a duty to ask Powerful questions

    • Boards
    • CEO's
    • Executives
    • Directors
    • Managers

    • Learning about the importance and influence of powerful questions and inquiry opens a new dimension and transforms leadership style and impact. Yet, it is often a dimension missing in organisations today.

      There is an art to good questions. You must be able to lead in and out of a question and give it context so people feel okay that the question has good intent and is not one designed to catch you out. If it hasn’t got good intent, don’t ask it.

    Arrange a Master Class for your board today!

    This is a very practical and highly relevant skill. You’ll be able to use the Powerful Questions techniques in meetings and discussions to great effect immediately. And of course, this is a skill that you can use year after year in

    • negotiations,
    • strategy sessions,
    • performance reviews,
    • facilitating groups
    • and much more.

    You’ll typically be able to use the Powerful Questions skills in every Board, Executive and Senior Management meeting to

    • fine-tune the discussion towards better-informed decisions, higher quality decisions and better, quicker outcomes
    • prevent substantial losses and wasted time and resources, and ensure faster, successful outcomes
    • build a strong, effective Board, Executive and Management culture that elicits the best from the various talents of the company's leaders
    • instil ethics, integrity, openness, honesty, personal responsibility, accountability and similar values throughout the organisation
    • communicate much more effectively with each other and throughout the company, in any situation.

    The Art of Asking Powerful Questions is one of the most valuable leadership skills, with one of the highest ROIs in the Governance/Leader’s repertoire.

    Michael Wood,

    General Manager, Kingston Property Constructions Pty Ltd

    This is an extremely practical workshop which can be applied immediately in every business situation.




    Format of the Master Class

    The Powerful Questions Master Class is a highly interactive and experiential 1-day workshop conducted in-house. We don’t use hypothetical scenarios. You’ll learn by doing, practising and learning on your company’s actual proposal documents, report documents and live presentations, which gives you an immediate opportunity to test assumptions, facts and proposals for the issues that count in your business.

    You’ll also gain invaluable first-hand insights into the underlying communication culture of your organisation.

    In the first half of the Master Class day you’ll learn and practise the relevant high risk language patterns and related questioning techniques.

    In the second half you’ll apply those skills to reports, proposals and live presentations that form part of your normal business meeting agenda. That way you are

    • learning and practising on real issues relevant to the company and to your role without having to carve a whole lot of valuable time out of your usual schedule
    • learning to utilise the skills with both documentation and oral presentations
    • learning with your board and/or executive colleagues so that you are all on the same page, and rapidly begin to build and apply the skills collaboratively as well as individually

    You’ll have the opportunity to apply, practice and adjust your Powerful Questions skills in the month after the 1-day Master Class, and our facilitator will then coach your group (board or executive team) at a second meeting to embed and refine your skills.
    Individual or small group coaching (e.g. for board committees) are also available if required.

    Lindsay Oxlad,

    GAICD, Director, Health Partners.

    The Powerful Questions program provides excellent essential skills for any Director or Executive in the public or private sector. The vital ‘how to’ skills.