• move from problem to solution in 40 minutes,
  • empower people,



The MasterProcess

Leaders play such an important role in the growth of any company. Now more than ever leaders need skills that can help them to engage, empower, innovate and lead their people and companies through these changing times.

The MasterProcess is the ultimate process for generating immediate and powerful results at all levels of your organisation.

We don’t do hypothetical practice exercises in the MasterProcess workshop. We use real, challenging and substantial issues that are impacting the participants’ business. Participants are asked to bring to the workshop at least 3 long-standing, unresolved business problems or potential opportunities that are within their area of responsibility and that are costing their company a lot of money in direct costs or lost opportunity. While learning the process for themselves they also find solutions to their real business issues. One CFO attending an in-house MasterProcess workshop at a well-known mid-sized Australian company solved an entrenched problem that was only 2 months away from wiping out the company.

David Hamblin

N Power Account Manager FDS (UK)

"I was initially skeptical. …I felt refreshed and focused as a result of the program. I am delegating more because the MasterProcess allows me to check that the right message has been received. I am out of the detail, able to lift my level and plan more strategically and have moved away from fire fighting. My people are generating more ideas and working more efficiently. We are reducing costs because we are working smarter. In the last 4 weeks we have had a 25% uplift in conversions on sales per person. In summary, I feel less stressed, more in control and happier".

Business leaders

This process is what every Organisation Development, Change Management, Human Resources , ICT and Project Management practitioner, every trainer, facilitator and coach, and every manager and business leader dreams of when it comes to

  • empowering and
  • engaging people,
  • generating passion,
  • energy ,
  • purpose and
  • focus,
  • increasing competence
  • and results immediately
  • and watching your people grow
  • and do things in ways that you did not believe possible.

    It is possibly the world’s most powerful, effective and versatile individual and team performance process.
    Richard Hammond,

    Director of Design, National Lifestyle Villages

    "During the Program I applied the MasterProcess to working out a strategy for implementing a business opportunity that is worth around $750,000 a year to my company. In addition to that opportunity, I estimate the value of the MasterProcess to my work over the next 12 months to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars by applying it to design issues".


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Video testimonial - In-house Lawyer

The value of the problems or opportunities usually range from $100,000 to $20,000,000 per participant

depending on their role in the organisation.

Megan (below) and Richard’s companies were small companies, and those results are for the issues within their specific area of responsibility that they brought to the program. In larger companies the aggregate value of the problems dealt with in an in-house workshop is generally between $10m and $20m at middle management level.

The speed at which this process works can be breathtaking: John Wood (see testimonial below) found his $100,000 solution with the first step of the 6-step MasterProcess, in his first practice session on the morning of the first day of the workshop.

Megan Shortman,

Institute of Executive Coaching Australia

"Thank you for the opportunity to be at the program. I was able to clear my mind on two problems that were concerning me in relation to two big projects and I now have a solution to work on. Those solutions are worth around $500,000 over the next 12 months."

Two basic principles

There are two basic principles behind the use of the MasterProcess for solving difficult problems:

1] The ‘problem’ is not the problem. The way we think, perceive and process information internally is usually the original cause of the problem.
2] The solution is always present. We simply have to use the right process to elicit the answer.

The MasterProcess provides that process – quickly, seamlessly, elegantly, effortlessly.

However, the MasterProcess is not just a problem-solving tool. That’s simply the easiest way to demonstrate its speed, power, effectiveness and value. It is much, much more than that.

We’ll let those who have attended the program tell you what you will be experiencing when you learn the MasterProcess. Bear in mind as you are reading that these participants are all experienced, well-trained and very competent people in their fields before they learned the MasterProcess, yet the program still had a substantial impact on them.

Stephen Mullins,

In-house Counsel, Company Secretary, Mediator

"I initially engaged Christo to coach me and others in my office for a couple of months during a challenging and stressful transition undertaken by my company.

Christo was both a calming influence and a very effective executive coach. He not only focussed on the practical issues and actions that enabled the transition to be achieved, but also helped me build my own capabilities during the transition in a way that seemed almost effortless, and well beyond my expectations. In the process, I learned a great deal about myself, and tapped into a deep, powerful and profound part of myself that continues to make a very significant difference in my life.

One particular skill that Christo taught me was the MasterProcess, which is an outstanding process for shifting mindsets, thinking processes and finding new solutions and strategies. It is highly empowering and enables people to collaborate more effectively to get results faster. It is very effective as a process for accelerating change, engagement and accountability in the workplace. I achieved much more than I thought possible in those sessions.

My company subsequently engaged Christo to deliver a company-wide cultural change initiative (see separate recommendation),

For any Lawyers or Executive seeking an outstanding coach and process, Christo has my highest recommendation."

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What people say about MasterProcess...

  • Stephen Harris,

    State Manager, Anabelle Bits (IT industry)

    The more we use the MasterProcess the better off we are. In fact, it has become obvious that what we learned from the MasterProcess is actually far more useful than we at first thought. The MasterProcess is extremely effective in empowering staff. Any team that learns it would be unstoppable. What the MasterProcess Program actually gave us was a methodology that allows us to focus on projects, problems or situations and resolve them in a timely fashion. To go into specifics on how the MasterProcess approach has helped our business would take several pages of examples. The best measurable benefits to our business have been the improved results of our Key Performance Indicators – such as profit per project, customer satisfaction and staff capabilities to resolve their delegated issues. It has measurably helped us in making our organization more effective and more profitable.

  • John Matthews

    Co-founder of Australian Institute of Executive Coaching

    I coach Senior Executives in major organisations. Although it may seem like an outrageous statement, since I started using the MasterProcess I’ve been able to accomplish in 20 to 40 minutes what previously had taken sometimes months to effect with change-resistant people. More executives are reporting that the sessions help them to get to the heart of the matter more quickly, and to devise strategies that they can implement immediately…(T)hey see the immediate results of being able to unlock their own thought processes, come up with new solutions, and focus their energy to get the results they want.

  • Charlotte Richardson

    Virgin Account Manager FDS (UK)

    We used to have team meetings that normally took a day, and then we still hadn’t resolved the issues. After we learned the MasterProcess, in 4 hours all the tabled issues had been discussed and given owners and we had achieved it in half the time. Since learning the MasterProcess our team is more empowered, enthusiastic and positive.

  • Simon Gibbs

    Regional Shrinkage Support Manager, B&Q(UK)

    The 3 problems I brought to the workshop seemed insurmountable 2 days ago. I now have very clear and workable solutions which I will put into place.

  • Michael Devitt,

    National Sales Manager MTE

    I am a skeptic, but this process is unbelievable! It is one of the few courses that has provided me with a practical process which can be used immediately to tackle the issues within our organisation.

  • Merryl Semple

    Trainer, Selleys Chemical Company.

    The MasterProcess is an extremely effective way to handle resistance to change, generate involvement, ownership, commitment and responsibility and get results that work. It is just as easy and effective for production staff to use and apply to their work and teams as it is for senior managers to apply to larger corporate issues and problems. It is a direct skill for empowering yourself and others in any business situation. I’ve seen it bring shop floor people together with management in ways that I did not think possible.

  • John Wood,

    Founder and (retired) Chairman & CEO of the Fleetwood Group Ltd

    'The MasterProcess gives clarity and ownership by clearing the mind, enabling us to see beyond our present reality, and plumbing the depths of our consciousness for solutions. It's a concise pathway to solving problems, growing the organisation, facilitating our own growth and the growth of colleagues and clients. The MasterProcess gives a crystal clear understanding of other people's reality. It is an excellent quality program that teaches you how to communicate with precision and elicit information that is often hidden to the speaker.