Governance and Leadership

Change is inevitable it is going to happen with or without you

The sign of a great leader is a leaders who can see the need for change before it is forced upon them. A leader who not only understands the need for their organisation to change but also themselves. A leader who looks for and finds a change process that takes what is not working and turn it into what WILL work instead. Ensuring your biggest asset your people are able to be the best they can be, to build the company of the future.

If you are one of these leaders you are in the right place.

If you want to be one of these leaders you are definitely in the right place.


Being a leader in todays global business environment has become quite a challenge.

As expectations and pressures are constantly rising, deadlines becoming tighter and tighter and responsibilities ever expanding, little time is left to develop crucial leadership qualities. A vicious circle, because without a strong vision and an empowered team that is encouraged and motivated, things become even more difficult.

True leadership in action produces a work environment in which

  • people feel inspired and positive,
  • and work creatively and efficiently towards a mutual goal.




Powerful Questions

Master Class

Important decisions made by Directors, CEO, CFOs and Executives have wide ranging impacts and are therefore under intense scrutiny by investors, courts, governments and media.

Asking powerful questions to receive answers that provide a thorough and extensive view of a situation and its surrounding aspects is crucial to make really good decisions.

SCenario planning

Plan for the future, now!

Scenario planning is about bringing together a wide range of perspectives in order to consider scenearios other than the known and predictable forecasts.

This can prevent important opportunties and serious threats being overlooked putting the company at risk.

Enabling you to plan for the future and puting you ahead of the game.

Executive and Board

One-on-one Coaching

Why do top athletes have coaches to help them get to the top and stay there? Is their success and income related to their ability to master their skills, behaviours, responses and state of mind? When you are performing at you peak, are you struggling or are you performing effortlessly? Are you continuing to take yourself to the next level?


Of difficult groups or situations

From time to time your organisation may need the services of a skilled external facilitator.

Spandah specialises in facilitating

- difficult situations and groups

- organisational change issues

- executive and senior management issues.


Master Class

Leaders play such an important role in the growth of any company. Now more than ever leaders need skills that can help them to engage, empower, innovate and lead their people and companies through these changing times.

The MasterProcess is your answer.

Solution Coaching

take action now

We have helped clients turn thousands of business problems into solutions and opportunities - problems that the clients considered to be tough, entrenched, even insurmountable and that were usually costing their company in the millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars and in some cases hundreds of millions of dollars.