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Cultural change is easier than you might think.

We help you:

  • release entrenched cultural and operational blocks that prevent or restrain high performance and diminish profits and value
  • transform your company into a dynamic, innovative, values-driven organisation that can respond and adapt fluidly in a rapidly changing business environment and have a positive impact on the world.

Our process is a whole-of-systems and whole-of-person approach. That is the easiest, fastest, least expensive and most effective way in which to transform your organisation to what you want it to be.

We are based in Australia and work internationally.

We punch well above our weight. Our work is world-class.

Spandah is a highly innovative consultancy

that specialises in

Our work has two principal elements

  • re-shaping organisational culture (the macro), and
  • empowering people (the micro).


Video testimonial: In-house Counsel, Company Secretary, Mediator


What people say...


    Paul, Turner, Financial Director and principal shareholder FDS (UK)

    FDS [a leading UK marketing company] has grown well over 1000% in the past 6 years. This caused considerable cultural, managerial, operational and style changes that had become increasingly difficult to encompass. Following a major strategic review, we started a process of re-alignment with our new direction. I heard about a brilliant change management product, and flew to Australia to go through the MasterProcess section of the product. I knew immediately that it was what we were looking for, so we brought Christo to the UK to conduct a Vision & Strategy program and a series of MasterProcess training programs for our Board, managers and staff. The results have been spectacular. It was so easy to promote through the business and has made huge changes in culture and style very easy to effect. We are very happy with the results.


    John Matthews, Co-founder Australian Institute of Executive Coaching

    I coach Senior Executives in major organisations. Although it may seem like an outrageous statement, since I started using the MasterProcess I’ve been able to accomplish in 20 to 40 minutes what previously had taken sometimes months to effect with change-resistant people. More executives are reporting that the sessions help them to get to the heart of the matter more quickly, and to devise strategies that they can implement immediately…(T)hey see the immediate results of being able to unlock their own thought processes, come up with new solutions, and focus their energy to get the results they want.


    Stephen Harris, State Manager, Anabelle Bits (IT industry)

    The MasterProcess is extremely effective in empowering staff. Any team that learns it would be unstoppable. What the MasterProcess Program actually gave us was a methodology that allows us to focus on projects, problems or situations and resolve them in a timely fashion. To go into specifics on how the MasterProcess approach has helped our business would take several pages of examples. The best measurable benefits to our business have been the improved results of our Key Performance Indicators – such as profit per project, customer satisfaction and staff capabilities to resolve their delegated issues. It has measurably helped us in making our organization more effective and more profitable.