Executive and Board Coaching

Abraham Maslow studied consistently top performers from around the world in many walks of life, and found that they experienced similar heightened states of awareness during their peak performances, a state that they described as being closer to their true self.

The business environment is ideal for creating that opportunity.

Organisations and individuals that are able to create the circumstances and states of awareness that trigger and maintain ‘the zone’ at work find that the struggle dissipates in favour of an easy flow of energy and focus.

Spandah’s coaching speciality is helping you access your ‘personal state of genius’, and create the environment, culture, circumstances, skills, mind-set and habits that enable you to access that state at will in any situation where it is appropriate.

Working with you one-on-one to step forward into personal growth.

CEO, innovative Dairy Products P/L Melbourne

I was approaching a major turning point in my career and at the same time was examining my values, vision and goals. The situation was personally complex and challenging, and required thoughtful support and process to draw out the key issues whilst assisting with developing my capacity to travel this journey, to examine my inner self and aspirations, and to integrate all relevant material into a renewed vision, purpose and direction.

Christo Norden-Powers provided the three essential elements to facilitate my progress

a sound framework of examination and thinking
process, including his own input, to facilitate examination of my values, vision and goals, and
a process which I could apply independently of his support, so that I could progress the matters at hand in my own time and space downstream.
Christo’s personal support and input was engaging, supportive and very effective in leading me forward and towards the outcomes I sought. His support was empathetic, engaging and where appropriate, direct. The latter was particularly important to ensure that I was effectively addressing, and indeed not avoiding, the important issues.

Christo Norden-Powers has quite exceptional coaching skills, with a breadth of perspective and capability necessary in today's modern world; a world where the work life of very senior executives is extremely demanding and challenging in the context of business, family and personal life. Managing and integrating the various value systems within these compartments can be personally demanding - Christo is very adept at this and in helping executives both make significant progress and to build their own capability to manage their own context. I certainly made very significant progress from having Christo work with me as a coach over only a few sessions.

I am now well on track to a new, more satisfying and rewarding direction in my career. I am happier within myself, and much clearer in my purpose. Christo has my highest recommendation as an executive and Board coach.

Paul Donnelly



We have 30+ years of experience coaching and training some of the top executives, CEO's, managers, directors, boards and Olympic athletes in
  • Leadership.
  • Peak performance
  • mind skills (states of awareness)
  • transformation,
  • transformation
  • improving business and personal results
  • group dynamics,
  • board culture,
  • questioning techniques,


We look not only at what is not working in your business, but life and other governing factors.

We work with your states of awareness that is the backbone of all

  • action,
  • thinking,
  • language
  • chooses
  • process.

    These state of awareness are the states that

  • highly effective leaders
  • Olympic athletes
  • World leaders

    do, know naturally. When you master these you can transform

  • sabotaging patterns
  • personal limitations
  • poor performance