Edwina Van Der Westhuizen

Manager of training, client relations and operations.

Edwina has more than 20 years' experience in systems and process improvement, training, coaching and facilitation, Including:

  • operational consulting
  • Trainer and facilitator
  • Life coaching
  • Business Coach,
  • Organisational Systems Dynamics.

There is nothing more rewarding than stretching someone beyond what they thought was possible. When they realise they had the potential all along but they just hadn’t accessed it yet.

When that happens with a whole team or company the impact is infectious. The team or company become unstoppable.

Hao Nguyen,

Design and Product Development Manager,

I have worked with Edwina Van Der Westhuizen over the past 5 years when she has assisted us as a contractor on various projects at Dina Corporate Pty Ltd.
Her tasks performed include, but are not limited to:

- Assessing staff performance and skills.
- Coaching staff to improve performance and skills
- Training staff on our multiple CAD software programs, Microsoft Office suite and general computer navigation and functionality.
- Setting up systems and procedures for improved production and productivity.
- Setting up and amending product specifications.
- Working with our production team to enable us to meet urgent deadlines.
- Edwina has also travelled overseas with me to address operational problems with our overseas manufacturers and ensure our local and overseas operations and standards are aligned and consistent.

Edwina is highly professional, personable, thorough, and an excellent problem solver. She pays attention to detail and simultaneously grasps the bigger context.
She thinks beyond the initial task asked of her, often anticipating potential problems and suggesting or implementing solutions before problems arise.

Edwina is collaborative and works well with management, staff and stakeholders to achieve results.

Edwina thrives on turning ordinary into extraordinary. She is passionate about assisting individuals and companies to be the best they can be.

Prior to joining Spandah Edwina had a successful career in management, IT and IT support, CAD systems, operational consulting, manufacturing & production and has worked extensively in Australia and overseas.


(New Zealand )

"I reached a complete stand still in my life and kept repeating the same patterns. There was so much "stuff" that was coming up all around me from my past and I could no longer carry on with blinkers.
It was time to try something different and to face/confront these patterns head on. The sessions I had with Edwina have changed my life. "Things" started to shift, every part of my life that was affected began to change for the better. I no longer feel pain, it is more a sense of relief and freedom, of breaking free from my past. I have now made some important decisions in my life and new opportunities have since presented themselves. I highly recommend Edwina to anyone who wants to see a change for the better take place quickly and effectively."



Edwina has trained companies such as

  • Toyota,
  • Adidas,
  • LWR in NZ,
  • Moran of Melbourne,
  • Hawker de Havilland
  • The Berlei Group,
  • Jayco Caravans,
  • Levis,
  • Speedo Australia,
  • Dowd Corporation,
  • INC Corporation,
  • Portmans,
  • and has lectured at RMIT (the Royal Melbourne Institute of Tafe) & Ultimo TAFE.


David Cohen.

Managing director,

I have worked with Edwina over the last 6 years. She has trained myself and 5 or 6 of my staff over that period. Her great strengths are her patience, follow up and sense of humour.