Next generation coaching model

Every once in a while, in every field of human endeavour, a new way of doing things is developed that transforms our skills beyond what we thought possible, and makes a huge difference to our ability to generate results, and with less effort.

For coaches, the MasterProcess for coaches is the Next Generation coaching process - a truly outstanding, advanced coaching process that is simple, powerful and extremely effective in enabling you to deliver results for clients every time - on even the most difficult issues and with the most demanding clients, in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

And that gives you, the coach, a very significant advantage.

John Matthews

Co-founder Australian Institute of Executive Coaching

"I coach Senior Executives in major organisations. Although it may seem like an outrageous statement, since I started using the MasterProcess I’ve been able to accomplish in 20 to 40 minutes what previously had taken sometimes months to effect with change-resistant people. More executives are reporting that the sessions help them to get to the heart of the matter more quickly, and to devise strategies that they can implement immediately…(T)hey see the immediate results of being able to unlock their own thought processes, come up with new solutions, and focus their energy to get the results they want".

What is the key to the MasterProcess for coaches?

The key to the Coach MasterProcess is quite simple - it shifts awareness and consciousness at its source and uses our natural, innate states and internal processes of consciousness to ignite transformation and effortlessly release performance in both the coach and client.

  • Learn to know when and which question to ask
  • Use a simple coaching model that works everytime
  • Learn when a question is not being answered, and how to elicit the answer
  • Match your coaching to the other person’s emotional driver and create outcomes with less effort
  • Improve your own effectiveness and influence;
  • Help your client get to the point quickly
  • Recognize the language that limits a person’s state of awareness and ability to function effectively
  • Use language that shift a person’s state of awareness and releases them to function optimally
  • and watching your clients grow
  • and do things in ways that they did not believe possible.

    Dianne Wilson,

    Life & Business Coach

    The Life Coaching Academy (Australia) provided the MasterProcess to its graduates for both life coaching and business coaching. Dianne says:
    “The simplicity of the MasterProcess as a coaching tool, and the speed with which it can be applied, make it a fantastic addition to my coaching toolkit. It is especially appropriate when dealing with busy people who want results in a no-nonsense, time-efficient manner.”



Mastering Consciousness

I thought that the MasterProcess was brilliant - until I took some private coaching sessions with Christo and Edwina, to improve my understanding of the MasterProcess. Then I found out just how brilliant it really is. The coaching sessions have given me insights into this process that I had not dreamed possible. Christo taught me a process from the Mastering Consciousness process.

I learned so much in that session about working with the inner self and consciousness, how to maintain a higher state of consciousness, and observe the flow of consciousness whilst turning whisps of the mind into practical reality. A few days later I used the new process with one of my clients, who was feeling quite down about a problem she had. The result was amazing to me and my client - it totally shifted the problem and shifted her state from depressed to empowerment/enlightenment. It was the most amazing experience!
Lorrie Beattie, Life and Business Coach

Megan Shortman,

Institute of Executive Coaching Australia

"Thank you for the opportunity to be at the program. I was able to clear my mind on two problems that were concerning me in relation to two big projects and I now have a solution to work on. Those solutions are worth around $500,000 over the next 12 months."

Beyond mindfulness, NLP and the GROW model

The Coach MasterProcess goes beyond Mindfulness, beyond NLP and beyond the GROW Model.

Take a step further NOW - into a process that shifts awareness and consciousness at its source and uses our natural, innate states and processes of consciousness to ignite transformation and effortlessly release performance in both the coach and client.

TheMasterProcess coaching model is process-driven, not content-driven. It can be applied to, and integrated with, any coaching content to generate better results. It will seamlessly complement and enhance your existing coaching process/methodology.

No matter how experienced you are as a coach, and no matter which of the usual coaching tools you are currently using, the Coach MasterProcess can take your coaching to another level.

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What people say about MasterProcess for coaches...

  • HR Internal Coach,

    B&Q (largest DIY retailer in UK/Europe)

    A precise and highly effective coaching model to use on a 1:1 basis. It helps to cut through the issues and leads the individual to take responsibility for their own actions. Since being on this program I have used the MasterProcess with 11 people and it has been very effective in producing outcomes. It allows me to gain these results in a very short period of time. I now coach differently. I facilitate differently. I now coach myself using this process.’

  • Robert Bentley,

    Consultant, Shirlaws Business Consultants and Coaches

    The Masterprocess is fabulous process for getting fast results in any situation.
    I’ve been searching for something like for ages. The process is a breeze when working with clients. An excellent process.

  • Diane Hewat,

    Business Coach

    The MasterProcess is a coaching process that resolves seemingly unresolvable problems and issues.

  • Mandy Geddes,

    Program Co-Ordinator, Institute of Executive Coaching Australia

    The MasterProcess is a deceptively simple technique that reveals powerful solutions for seemingly insurmountable problems. It empowers the individual to access their own innate wisdom. I now have step-by-step plans to solve two major problems and the tools to solve any future problems – for myself or others.

  • Lyn Auger,

    Professional Life Coach

    I have found that the Coach MasterProcess works with all aspects of coaching, and enjoy using it. This process allows me to coach to greater clarity and understanding which then enables the client to recognise the solutions.

  • Barry Sampson,

    B&Q (UK)

    In my B&Q days we brought Christo Norden-Powers over to the UK to spend two months working with trainers and managers, and the results were superb. It's the only coaching training I've had where I believe I actually learned real practical skills rather than theory. I was amazed at the results at the time, and even now (8 years on) I still use the techniques with great results.

  • Kathy Whines,

    Certified Business Coach

    The Coach MasterProcess has taken my coaching to a new level. It is fast, effective and it gets results!