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The Secret to Shifting Mindsets and Biases

Article by Christo Norden-Powers

One of the extraordinary things about being human is that we each have a different experience of the world, and our own unique worldview.

Sure, there can be a lot of overlap between the way any two people view the world, and even in the way they perceive the same event or circumstance, but there is never an exact match. There are always differences.

The Secret to Shifting Mindsets and Biases (part 2)

Article by Christo Norden-Powers

Why does it seem to be so difficult to change mindset? Once the mind is ‘set’ it is difficult to change. Why? Several reasons.
1] Our mindset becomes a filter for other experiences and we then tend to see only those things that conform to (or confirm) our mindset, even though other possibilities exist – perhaps better possibilities. The filter determines the reality or truth of what we experience in the future – the next moment, the next conversation, the next event.

How to make Presence Practical in Business

one persons journey

Presence, mindfulness and meditation are gathering a lot of interest in business circles.
However, they are still often perceived primarily as means to deal with stress.

Their real value is much deeper from a business perspective, because the space of Presence is the source from which thoughts arise and become words and actions.



Article by Lesley Morris

The skill of enquiry as a management and leadership tool is something that can and should be developed as people move through middle management. Middle managers need to transition out of their area of technical specialisation and find their effectiveness through other people’s expertise to get the job done.

POWERful QUESTIONS - every highly effective business leader needs to know

Introduction video to on-line course

A sneak peak into the Powerful Questions course:

As the pace of business and change excelerate there is a growing tendency and even a need to communicate with brevity and have impact.

Questions are even more important to the decision making process. Our language requires effective and effective questions that get results.

The inquisitive mind: How leaders ask questions to add value to their business

Article by Christo Norden-Powers

Robert is a well-respected, experienced director, and chair of a well-known listed company. He was attending a training workshop and had just finished presenting a report to a group of workshop participants (all directors of other companies), who were learning how to ask more effective questions.