Who we are

Christo NOrden-Powers

Director of Transformation and Organisational change

Christo is a former criminal trial Lawyer & Barrister who developed an interest in human performance and meditation. Christo trained and coached Australian Olympic athletes, in how to generate and maintain peak performance states using both Eastern and Western techniques.

His work then quickly spread to companies that were interested in developing peak performance in their people, and soon after to the development of corporate cultures that generate and support sustained high performance

Edwina Van Der Westhuizen

Training manager, client relations and operations. Organsational systems dynamics

With more than 20 years’ background in training & facilitation and 15 years of coaching.

Edwina has been instrumental in increasing our on-line presence, introducing e-learning products to enable us to reach more people globally.


Our team of consultants have a wide range of qualifications

We use the best of the best consultants, with expertise and experience across various industries. Enabling us to achieve the best results for you.



Kim Ramsay - Australian Film Maker for video footage. Take a look at her latest documentary for 'Seven Women' on Empowering Women in Nepal.

Kim Ramsay - Inspirational film maker

Our vision and values



Transforming Companies and Empowering People.

Through our breakthrough transformational products and services, that add significant benefits to its clients, the world and raise personal, corporate and global consciousness.


  • Empowerment
    Creating the environment which unleashes human potential and enables people to do what is required to achieve their own greatness.
  • Value
    Whatever we do is about going above and beyond giving value to our clients.
  • Trust
    Trust in the process. Trust the answer is always there and we are just the vehicle to access it.


The name Spanda(h):

The name Spanda(h) is a sanskrit term - Spanda translates to mean a vibration, movement or motion, referring to waves of activity.

It is the initial spark/energy/life force that started the universe. It is the primordial energy that reveals itself in our every experience, and orients through thought and intention. It is the first stage of awareness before it crystalizes into the reasoning process.