People and Performance

If your role involves responsibility for

  • people,
  • performance,
  • projects,
  • change,
  • coaching,
  • facilitation
  • or leadership,

there is one skill that will substantially enhance your effectiveness and outcomes, and those of your team, well beyond what you thought possible.

We call it the MasterProcess.

And it can be learned in just a two-day workshop or online.

The MasterProcess is unique, and is one of the most versatile and powerful processes available to business leaders and to HR, OD, People & Culture, Change Management, Project Management training, facilitation and coaching professionals for

  • empowering and engaging your people
  • generating passion, energy, purpose and focus throughout your organisation
  • increasing competence and results rapidly at every level and function.
Katie Walls,

Human Resources Manager, Ernst & Young.

"I am continually amazed at the fast results the MasterProcess provides. It is extremely beneficial both on a professional and personal level. I would have saved myself a lot of time, energy and anguish if I’d learned this skill years ago."

People who are not using the MasterProcess:

If you and your team are not using the MasterProcess in your work every day, you will be

  • working much harder than you need to
  • struggling more than you should to get results
  • trying to solve problems and issues that others ought to be resolving for themselves
  • ‘time poor’, with projects and tasks taking much longer to complete than they should
  • spending twice as much time in meetings than is necessary
  • putting in much more effort than necessary to obtain buy-in and commitment from stakeholders.
Julianne Sparke

State Manager MTE

"I learned heaps! If I’d known the MasterProcess last month, I could have got my work done in half the time."


Toni Eatts,

Editor, Murdoch Magazines

"It’s a terrific program! The MasterProcess gives clarity, increases personal power, and reduces time wastage. It helps my team focus better and to expand thinking for solutions. It helps me cut meeting times and increase my awareness of others."



Stephen Harris

State Manager, Anabelle Bits (IT industry)

The more we use the MasterProcess the better off we are. In fact, it has become obvious that what we learned from the MasterProcess is actually far more useful than we at first thought. The MasterProcess is extremely effective in empowering staff. Any team that learns it would be unstoppable. What the MasterProcess Program actually gave us was a methodology that allows us to focus on projects, problems or situations and resolve them in a timely fashion. To go into specifics on how the MasterProcess approach has helped our business would take several pages of examples. The best measurable benefits to our business have been the improved results of our Key Performance Indicators – such as profit per project, customer satisfaction and staff capabilities to resolve their delegated issues. It has measurably helped us in making our organization more effective and more profitable.

What is the MasterProcess?

The MasterProcess is a specific interpersonal communication process that is designed to produce results quickly and easily when applied to most business issues.

It can rapidly, elegantly and seamlessly enhance and accelerate numerous business skills, competencies, processes and outcomes that involve people shifting their action/behaviour, mindset or outcomes from A to B, including

  • Influencing
  • Coaching
  • Facilitation
  • Project management
  • Organisational change
  • Lowering resistance to change
  • Obtaining buy-in, ownership and commitment
  • Engagement
  • Accelerating meetings
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Delegation
  • Collaboration
  • Problem solving
  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Performance improvement


Accelerate any skill:

Whichever skills you use now, typically, the MasterProcess can reduce the time required for executing those functions by up to 50% and simultaneously can increase the effectiveness and outcomes of each of those functions, leading to a potentially substantial boost to productivity and speed-of-business.

It will transform the way that you work with people, the way problems are tackled within your organization, the way you implement change, and your own effectiveness and performance in everyday business interactions.

The MasterProcess is exclusively available from Spandah.

Contact us now for a confidential discussion on how you can use this extremely effective skill to enhance your business success.

John Wood

CEO National Lifestyle Retirement Villages (BRW Fast 100)

The MasterProcess is one of the most effective leadership, communication, interpersonal and influencing programs I have seen, and it presents a rare opportunity for participants to walk away from a program with practical application the minute you walk out the door. Its practical application to everything we do is amazing (both in business and personal). A ‘must do’ program for private sector and government organisations.